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The Garden Gathering, Cheung Chau, Hong Kong, October 2017

Take a peek at the opening ceremony of the Garden Gathering in Cheung Chau, Hong Kong in October 2017. There was magic in the air as women from across the world came together to celebrate and share their gifts. There was such an incredible energy of love and togetherness, which I hope I captured in this video.

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Full Moon Yoga

January 9, 2018

Full Moon Yoga and Meditation Class at Cabana

What an incredible start to 2018 with not one, but two super moons! With so much lunar energy in the air, it’s the perfect time for a Full Moon Yoga and Meditation class. But this Full Moon clas ...

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December 19, 2017


Yoga for Core Strength. Get ready to get strong! Try out this video for my top three favourite poses to strengthen the core. Working on your core helps improve nearly everything – your balance, you ...

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Vegan Pancakes

December 15, 2017

The best ever vegan pancakes

The best ever vegan pancakes… I’ve always had a thing for traditions – I guess it’s because we didn’t have any as I was growing up. We moved about once a year for my father’s job a ...

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