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IRIS, HK’s largest yoga and wellness festival, 27th – 28th May

The energy and the community spirit at IRIS Your Escape was beautiful. Thousands of yogis gathered together – moving, breathing and flowing as one. It was magical. I drank it all in and then grabbed my video camera… once a journalist, always a journalist. I just couldn’t help myself! Enjoy this snapshot of this incredible weekend.

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Yoga Nidra Workshop at SharedSpace

July 15, 2017

Yoga Nidra Workshop at SharedSpace

I’m so excited to team up with SharedSpace in Hong Kong to bring you a Yoga Nidra workshop on 29th July from 2pm-4.30pm. It’s such a beautiful space! If you don’t yet know what yoga ...

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Body Scan - Rosalie Yoga

June 27, 2017

Body Scan Meditation – Relax in minutes

Melt away stress and anxiety in a matter of minutes with this simple body scan meditation. This is a great way to unwind after a busy day. The guided meditation allows you to completely relax in a mat ...

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Yoga and Wellness Festival

May 30, 2017

VIDEO: IRIS Yoga and Wellness Festival 2017

IRIS Yoga and Wellness Festival 2017 | Wow, wow, wow! What an incredible weekend this was. I spent the weekend of 27 to 28th May at IRIS Your Escape, Hong Kong’s biggest yoga and wellness festi ...

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