Full Moon Manifestation Ritual


Over the years, I have developed a full moon manifestation ritual, a way of tapping into the moon’s energy to connect to a deeper source… that all-knowing, higher version of myself. From this space, you can harness the incredible power of the moon’s energy to manifest your wildest dreams.

This ritual has served me extremely well over the years. I hope it will help you too in setting yourself up for an amazing month ahead.

This is an abridged version of an article I wrote for the Elephant Journal – you can read the full version here.

Full Moon Manifestation Ritual

On the eve of the full moon, take a glass filled with coconut water (or your favorite non-dairy milk) and sit in the moonlight. Do this outdoors or with the windows open, if possible.

Settle into a comfortable cross-legged position, close your eyes and focus on your breath. Set you intention to connect to the moon’s energy and just bask in the moonlight.

Take a few moments to visualise what you would like to focus on in the coming month. Think about the qualities you need to cultivate to manifest this.

Take hold of your glass in both hands and ask the moon to imbibe your drink with these qualities. Leave the glass in the direct moonlight overnight.

Drink your moon-infused cocktail first thing when you wake up the next day and get set for a magical month ahead.

If you have the time, then it’s even better to practice a few moon salutations before you begin. You can practice my full moon flow with me right here.

Photo: Taken at the beautiful Nan Lian Garden in Hong Kong

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